About Vijay Tata

“Happiness, when shared multiplies, pain when shared halves”

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my blog, a space which I dedicate to a new, better, beautiful world, a New India. Through this little space of words, I dream of dropping a single pebble of thoughtfulness and goodness regularly in the hope that the ripples it will create will be the wave of change and positivity. The reason I choose to communicate through this platform is to share how full of gratitude I am, when I see what life and the society has given me. And thus I feel, it is time I give back. And in this mission of giving back I seek like-minded, people who will join me in the mission of making India, amazing.

Let us take one step towards positivity and see the magic it creates!

He dreamt, a dream that held a promise of a beautiful reality! He carved the path to his own destiny! He strives to be a testament of humanity!

The world is a place that is in constant need of humans who step out of their personal universe and usher in a change that results in a greater common good. The world is a place that needs super-humans.

Mr. Vijay Tata, an entrepreneur by mind and a philanthropist at heart is one of those super-humans. Mr. Vijay Tata, is a man of many hues, an entrepreneur, a social activist, a philanthropist, a visionary, a change-maker!

Born in Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Vijay Tata possesses a natural acumen for business and thus from early ages he knew his professional destiny. Mr. Vijay Tata’s entrepreneurial journey has been a challenging adventure. He began at level zero, and has built his organization from scratch. He first entered in the real estate sector in Bangalore, gradually traversing the right direction and making the apt decisions resulted in Bangalore’s largest real-estate firm. He has a strong-hold in the real-estate turf of Bangalore and is into premium home solutions.

I may fall, I may rise, but I won’t cease, for nothing comes with ease

Every entrepreneur lives with an itch to create something new, the idea is to always challenge oneself. This quality led Mr. Vijay Tata to explore new business avenues. Whilst, managing a stable and ever growing real-estate business, Vijay focused his energies on launching a news channel. He believes that media possesses the power to propel change. The current scenario, where news channels have been deduced to entertainment broadcasts, Vijay wanted to maintain the authenticity of news reporting and also put the power of media to good use. His vision translated into a successful news channel, which enjoys a rich viewership.

Having amassed a stupendous success, the question remained what next. In the year 2014 Mr. Vijay and his wife Amruta, felt this endless desire to go beyond living just for themselves. The felt that it was about time, they gave back to the society that has given them so much. The seeds of philanthropy were sown, in one of their visits to a social home, they were moved by the condition of underprivileged kids. The sheer inequality and unfairness that existed pushed them to set up the initiative ‘Future Kids’. With the sole vision of empowering the lives of underprivileged kids and thus empowering the country’s future, Vijay Tata and his wife Amruta now support and shelter 40 kids, provide them education and health care.

Being the visionary he is, Vijay felt that the canvas needs to be broadened, needs to be wide! The philanthropist in him did not want to stop at 40 kids, the destiny it foresaw was a ‘Better India’. “A better India, surely exists we just need to work hard to restore its glory” is what Vijay truly believes.

This belief is now the foundation of an NGO, ‘Better India’. An NGO started by Vijay and Amruta is dedicated to serve justice for rape victims and help resurrect their lives, it is committed to improvement in education facilities, affordable quality health-care and a brilliant future for kids. The NGO’s and Vijay’s vision is to architect an invincible India!

Vijay abides by the words and the belief, ‘My existence as a human is embedded to the purpose of creating a better India. I won’t cease until I realize my purpose fully!’