The ache of sudden losses, ruins lives!

Tragedy has its own sense of onslaught, it strikes suddenly and robs one of the very meaning of life. Such is the sordid story of Harish Nanjappa. He was a 26 year old young, enthusiastic guy who already had lost his father at a very young age. His mother raised him and his sibling as a single parent and their lives were always at the edge of struggle. But the love kept them going. Until one day when fate struck, and Harish met with an accident that took away his life.

He had moved in with an uncle at his house in north Bengaluru, visiting Karegowdanahalli, about 60 km away, to meet his mother once a fortnight to save money.But the 26-year-old’s dream died on the morning of February 16 on National Highway-4 when he was returning to Bengaluru after a visit home on his new motorbike. He was crushed by a speeding truck.

He lay there for more than 15 minutes before an ambulance attached to the company maintaining the toll road arrived to take him to hospital. In his dying request, Harish told the ambulance driver and paramedical staff to ensure that his organs are donated. “He was in pain. I knew I had to keep driving,” said Manjunath, the ambulance driver.

In his final moments he displayed absolute valour, whilst asking for health he also expressed his wish to be an organ donor. His death gave the gift of vision to two. He left leaving a grieving mother who yet doesn’t know how to cope up with the loss. For his mother, Geethamma, and uncle Chandrappa, with whom Harish lived in Bengaluru, the struggle now is to put away thoughts that the young man could have been alive had he not gone home last weekend. This struggle has been there ever since.
Harish was an ideal son despite having to constantly help his mother on the farm, Harish managed to clear Class X from a government school in the village. He subsequently joined a technical training institute and earned a diploma as an industrial fitter. All his dreams succumbed at the hands of a tragedy.

This incident moved me completely, I couldn’t and still cant imagine the pain of the mother, she lives with a void that can never be filled. She lost the sole earning member of her family. This made me feel deeply and I asked myself what is that I can do for her that is when I decided I will give Harish’s mother a home. I made a promise and finally have been able to make it happen, I feel grateful to give her a home she can call her own. I may not be able to bring her son back but I can surely do one duty of a son.

In the wake of such incidents I realise life is short and unpredictable and we should do whatever good we can!