An unsafe world for women, is a world that will never grow

Our country witnesses over 35000 rape cases in a year, a number which is increasing, and a number that reflects a dark truth we all live with. A society founded on the unequal principles of patriarchy is already a difficult place for Women to live, grow and thrive, adding to the menace is the ever increasing incidences of violence against women, especially Rape. All this in a country that worships Goddesses. Over 31,000 rape cases are pending in high courts alone. India’s conviction rate for rape, at 25.5%, remains low compared to all cognisable crimes – those that do not require a magistrate’s permission to investigate – under the Indian Penal Code (46.9% in 2015).

What adds raw salt to the open wounds is that we often blame the victim for her own unfortunateness. We judge her character, her clothes, and thus make her existence a living hell. The prevailing insensitivity often leads to victims remaining quiet, committing suicide, seldom do we see a Rape survivor, actually live a normal life.

It is about time our government takes strong steps against Rape. Here are something’s we can do to make India safer.

  • Make the rape laws strict and unforgiving
  • Get media literate: Media, like everything else we consume, is a product; someone imagined, created and implemented it. Ask the right questions about who creates media that profits off the objectification of women.
  • Create a code of conduct: at work place, school and home, with respect to interaction with persons of opposite sex should be outlined and implemented.
  • Gender sensitization
  • Gender sensitization by parents and teachers is needed regarding the sensitivities and boundaries of man-woman relationships.
  • Education and employment
  • Improvement in quality of education and employment opportunities for youth.
  • Recreation and talent – Recreational avenues and opportunities for talent development in young people.
  • Moral and religious values – Parents and teachers should strive to infuse good moral and religious values in children and serve as role models.
  • Population control – Last, but not the least, If we are sincere we will get the results. Let us all say “No” to violence against women.