Happy moments with future kids.

When a seed is sown, all it needs is the right nurturing and what you will have is a future that bears fruits! Future Kids is our commitment to sow, nurture, and create a future that is full of opportunities and possibilities. Future Kids is our mission to reach out to underprivileged kids, the unfortunates, the ones who have suffered at the hands of circumstances and life. Future Kids, like a loving mother will take these lives under its wings and provide them with food, shelter, education and every support that will culminate into a life worth living, a life full of opportunities and happiness.

Future Kids in a span of four years has already reached out to 40 kids and successfully managed to root them out of their miseries and provided them a life worth living, a life full of dreams. These kids came to us young and in precarious conditions, and we became their family, provided them with every support that was required and the result of these efforts were vibrant faces! For us these kids are our own family, Amrita Tata cooks for them personally, take absolute involvement in their nutritional needs. Such is our commitment to architect a brighter tomorrow. We believe that an ounce of compassion and a drop of hope can refract and rainbow and change this world!

We are always willing to grow our family, join us as volunteers, as support givers, all we need is your contribution in terms of time and effort, in form of compassion and care. Do your little bit, come teach these kids, come tell them a story, come spend an evening full of play and laugh, come share something and feel the joy of giving. Let us create a future that is overbearing with fruition!