Is life in India a joke?

August 2017, was a month of horror in Gorakhpur. Baba Raghav Das Medical College suffered from a shortage of Oxygen cylinders and this led to the death of 60 children. The reason was that supply of liquid oxygen was cut due to the failed payment dues. A technical snag, a poor management at the hands of the hands of medical service providers, whose sole job is to protect resulted in a horrific state of affairs. What ensued was a blame game. The deaths highlight the challenges faced in India’s underfunded public health system, where successive governments have failed to address the acute shortage of staff and clinics. The problems are compounded by cases of shoddy medical treatment.

The BRD medical college has been recording deaths of children from mosquito-borne Japanese encephalitis and acute encephalitis syndrome for years. In the past three decades, the two diseases have claimed more than 50,000 children in eastern Uttar Pradesh, the majority in Gorakhpur district.

This is one of the many incidents our country has witnessed, it reflects the absolute sorry state of healthcare that prevails in our country. It is about time we make change happen, because a healthy life is every person’s right. “I pledge to make our country a place where quality healthcare is available to the needy for free.” Vijay Tata

“Human life is precious, let us protect it. Let us make health care available to all” – Vijay Tata