Life-savers and the lack of them

We are a nation that has a huge population and most of it dwells below the poverty line, whilst we are a nation that has only country of 1.252 billion people has a doctor-population ratio of 1:1,674, against the recommended 1:1,000. Absenteeism and shortage are an alarming problem, we suffer from the lack of skilled, doctors, nurses, and health-workers. This shortage often leads to a situation where the people with money manage to avail the care, but the ones who suffer from poverty are deprived of their basic right.

The shortage is increasing out-of-pocket spending, with people seeking care from private clinics and doctors with little or no training. In the absence of regulation to determine accountability and quality standards, quacks run a flourishing trade.

And now let us have a look at the situation of the less privileged, the rural India. Only one in five doctors in rural India are qualified, says a WHO report on India’s healthcare workforce, highlighting the problem of quackery. The report found close to one-third of those calling themselves allopathic doctors educated only up to class 12. Also, 57% of the practitioners did not have any medical qualification. “Government hospitals suffer from acute shortage of skilled personnel, unfortunately they are the place where people with limited resources seek their subsidised treatment. This unfortunate situation is why we are a country that is medically still struggling. It is time we bring about a change, let us commit to a better tomorrow.”