A silent Protest, that is making the right kind of noise!

Mysore bank circle, K.G Road, Bangalore this morning witnessed a different kind of celebration marking the International Women’s Day. A silent protest against rape, their core message No Justice, No women’s day. New India, a self-funded NGO which is committed to women empowerment, creating a better future for underprivileged children and quality health-care in India. On the occasion of International Women’s Day New India initiated a StopRape campaign which is a sincere effort to seek the attention of all the Honourable Judges of India and urge them to ensure day to day trials of rape cases thus ensuring Justice!

The StopRape campaign expressed its message through a silent protest that happened in Bangalore, the protest walked from Mysore bank circle to Freedom Park. It amassed an overwhelming participation of 2000 people walking for a safer India! Most of them donning black the colour of protest. The one’s who could not express their support physically, are signing an online petition to be a part of this campaign. So the ones who cannot be a part of the protest physically please do go online, log on to www.thenewindia.org and support us!

We at New India would sincerely like to thank all the protestors who came, gave their valuable time and walked with us in the silent protest and helped us be one voice against rape! We would also like to thank all our online supporters for strengthening the cause! We hope our voice will be heard!
More than 2000 people participated in the silent protest against rape!

We think we have expressed our respect, love and chivalry by just wishing her and celebrating her on women’s day. What about the other days when she feels unsafe walking on the streets late at night, what about the times when she is blamed for a crime that happened to her? We say we respect women but, in our country, more than 31000 women are raped every year! If we really respect her why do we let this happen to her? If we can’t get her justice, what is the point celebrating her? In these questions I found the genesis of a campaign that truly believes in celebrating women. StopRape is me and my NGO New India’s attempt to make India safer for women. We believe in – No Justice, No Women’s Day. And this message we proliferated through a silent protest in Bangalore.

More than 2000 people turned up wearing black at the Mysore bank circle to walk peacefully and send across and message to every Honourable Judge in India to ensure that there is day to day trials of rape cases. We reach out to them to ensure that rape victims get justice! The one’s who could not make their presence felt in person rendered their support by signing an online petition on www.thenewindia.org. And I also reach out to the people who haven’t yet signed, please express your support your one signature can make a great difference!

I also would like to sincerely thank each and every supporter who turned up at the protest and who has signed the online petition, it is your participation your passion that will change this world our country a better place to live! It is you who are truly celebrating the spirit of womanhood. Please keep the support coming!