Why is Health-Care not yet a must-have Mandate?

When we meet each other, a friend or a stranger, we greet and in that greeting we wish each other good health, not wealth, not success but great health. A healthy life is the very basic of our existence. Unfortunately this basic need is lagging in our country, India’s performance on the health front is not at the top, but at the bottom. India as a country is merely playing catch up and lagging behind on several social indicators like life expectancy, immunisation, infant mortality, child undernourishment, girls’ schooling and sanitary facilities such as having family toilets. “India generally had the second best social indicators among the six South Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Second only behind Sri-Lanka. It now looks second worst, ahead of one country: Pakistan.” Health related issues and problems aren’t even given enough coverage and consideration in media.

Health wasn’t even a subject during the elections of 2014, the subject wasn’t mentioned by either of the parties the one that won and the one that lost. “In my view and belief it is about time we include social determinants of health like nutrition, sanitation and social equity, and should either be seen as incomplete as a concept in serving health, or be broadly defined. “For example, when you look for clean water, you are doing something for healthcare.”